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Fix and Flip in UHills in Denver

Investors or Owner occupied sweat equity potential. Located in Hot Central University Hill’s sub-division this home is ready for your designs. The home features updated windows, extra sq. ft. family room, wood burning stove, huge yard, built on work shop, vinyl siding, extra off street parking. Great opportunity for your buyers.

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Is it Buying Time? Or Should I Rent?

The median rent paid on single-family rentals through the Denver Metropolitan Area is currently $2,450 per month, which is comparable to what the mortgage payment would be on a median-priced $375,000 home with 3.5% down at today’s interest rate (including approximate taxes, homeowner’s insurance and mortgage insurance).  If a buyer were to purchase that home today, within 5 years they would have a considerable amount of equity just from making their mortgage payment, not including any appreciation in value.  If prices were to rise at a modest 2.0% per year (the average long-term rate of inflation) within that same 5 years, then they would have an additional $40,000 in equity just from appreciation.  This scenario would result in a significant amount of total equity within 5 years and by year 3 they would most likely be able to remove any mortgage insurance from their payment, which would save another $260 per month approximately.

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One Small Step!

Moon Landing Exhibit at History Museum

“One Small Step: Fifty Years Later,”  a new exhibit that chronicles the first moon landing in 1969 a! nd commemorates this pivotal achievement in American history, opens March 12 at the Aurora History Museum, 15051 E. Alameda Parkway. 

In July 1969, the world witnessed one of the most impressive and awe-inspiring events in history: For the first time, a man walked on the moon. “One Small Step: Fifty Years Later”  highlights humanity’s  fascination with the cosmos, recounts the history of space travel, provides historical context of the Cold War and details the Apollo 11 mission from launch to reentry. The free exhibit will run through July 21.

“With this exhibition, we hope to bring back memories for those who witnessed this event and to educate a new generation about such a momentous time in history,” said Aurora History Museum Director T. Scott Williams. 

Admission to the Aurora History Museum and the exhibition is free. 

To learn more about this exhibit or the concurrent exhibit “Drink Local: Aurora: Craft Beer Scene,” visit or call 303.739.6660. Posted on 03/11/2019

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Does your New Year’s Resolution involve going to the Gym?

New Years is just around the corner and its time to make those resolutions. If your New Year’s resolution involves working out more, have you considered curating your own home gym? Check out this widget from for some inspiration.

How to Create a Home Gym You’ll Actually Use

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Thanksgiving is November 22nd How long to cook a Turkey

The best Thanksgiving Turkey recipes unify the great flavors and juiciness you expect from the perfect Thanksgiving turkey. Everyone has their own favorite spice blends and stuffings. But one of the most commonly asked question is ,”How long should I cook my Turkey?” Below is a simple chart that shows the perfect amount of time to cook your turkey at 350 degrees, for both stuffed and unstuffed turkeys. Happy thanksgiving and enjoy!